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Immunization & Vaccine Education Center

Pediatrics Northwest, PS, strongly supports vaccinations for all children. We believe the benefit far outweighs the minimal risk. Please take a moment to read our Vaccine Policy Statement. 

Below you will find up-to-date immunization and vaccine information from our providers and other reliable sources. 
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Decision to Not Vaccinate My Child

Unfortunately, some parents will decide not to give their child some or all vaccines. Parents refusing to vaccinate are required to fill out and sign our  Decision to Not Vaccinate My Child form.


The outside sources that we list generally post accurate information. However, we cannot guarantee accuracy of all information on any web page. In addition, such information may not apply to your unique circumstances. Discuss any questions with your provider. Please take a moment to look over our  I nternet Guidelines before making any decisions about what kind of information you find online.


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