In preparation for your first visit

The need for testing and/or challenges will be evaluated during your consultation. Please allow 1-3 hours for your visit and any additional testing.

  • Feel free to bring small toys or books to entertain your child and attempt to arrange childcare for siblings.

What to bring

  • All allergy/asthma medications and equipment (i.e. inhalers, medications, spacers, peak flow meters).
  • Records of prior allergy testing or procedures and any relevant lab results. (You can get these results from your primary care provider or the facility where the tests were done.)
  • A list of medications.
  • Any other medical records you would like us to review.

Medication adjustments

Medication adjustments are necessary in anticipation of allergy and/or pulmonary testing. Please consult our office at 253‑383‑5777 if you have any questions.