Circumcisions are normally performed within one month after birth. Circumcisions after that time need the performing doctor’s approval. Babies will also need to have received their Vitamin K injection at birth.


Your doctor will recommend the best setting for the circumcision, depending on your son’s individual case. Circumcisions are an out-patient procedure, performed by the following providers:


Our providers have performed hundreds of circumcisions and are very comfortable with the procedure. We use the PlastiBell® device, a small plastic ring that will remain around the tip of your son’s penis for approximately five to seven days. This method is meant to minimize bleeding and assist in healing. A PlastiBell® device handout and a circumcision care information sheet will be provided to you after the procedure. Caregivers may or may not be present during the procedure depending on caregiver/provider preferences.

Pain Management

Our providers take pain control very seriously. There are a number of methods we can use to minimize your son’s pain. This may include applying numbing cream, injecting numbing liquid and/or feeding the infant sugar-water. Our goal is to make the circumcision as pain-free as possible. Your doctor will use the technique best suited for your child.