Keeping Kids Comfortable During an Office Exam

What are some things Pediatrics Northwest providers do to help shy or unsure children feel comfortable during the exam?

Let’s be honest, even a pediatric office can be a little intimidating for a small child. We sat down with Baker Center office provider, Sara Scranton, MD, and asked what PNW providers do to make mom, dad, and the little one more at ease during a typical office exam.

“I will often examine the child on the parents lap if they seem uncomfortable with the exam,” says Scranton. “I also try to do something playful with them before I start the exam so the first experience they have with me, isn’t me touching them with a cold stethoscope or poking them.

Sometimes we read a little of a book to together, or even play with the stethoscope. At the toddler age when they can be wiggly, I try to do as much of the exam while they’re cuddled with mom and dad. It makes my exam more efficient and effective, and it not only makes the child comfortable, I notice it makes parents feel more comfortable too.

As pediatricians we all know that as much as parents understand their child might cry during the exam, if they don’t cry, it is a huge relief. Our goal is to make sure everyone is comfortable.”

Visit Dr. Scranton’s biography page to learn more.

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