Winter Fun: Try Snowshoeing

Exercise and the outdoors have always been a healthy source of stress relief for me. Early in life, one of my passions was running. I was on the cross-country team in high school and continued to run as a source of exercise through college and medical school. When I moved to Salt Lake City to complete my pediatric residency, I lived near the rugged Wasatch Mountain Range. In the warm months, these nearby mountains and canyons contained prime trails for running, mountain biking, and hiking; in the wintertime, they were perfect for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

When family and friends visited us for the holiday season, snowshoeing was a group activity we tried in order to enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air, and the plentiful snow. Snowshoeing is quick to learn, easy for all ages and skill levels, appropriate for two- (and four-) legged family members, and most importantly, it is a good source of aerobic exercise. We enjoyed it so much that it soon became a holiday tradition our family looks forward to every year. Since moving to the Tacoma area, my family and I have enjoyed exploring the local trails to continue our snowy (and sometimes rainy) adventures!

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