Travel clinics

If you are planning a trip abroad or overseas and are in need of less common travel vaccines, consider visiting a travel clinic. Information about travel clinics and their resources can be found at the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department website.

Travel clinics offer international travel preparation and vaccinations to all members of the community – including children and adults – who are traveling abroad for leisure, mission trips, business, school trips, visiting friends and relatives, and adoption.

Our policy

If you are unable to be seen by a travel clinic and request Pediatrics Northwest to provide your prescriptions and vaccine recommendations for international travel, please note:

  1. These visits are provided in the office and cannot be done via phone calls.
  2. There will be a charge for the visit and some insurance companies do not pay for international travel counseling visits. Please check with your health insurance carrier. It may be cheaper to be seen at a travel clinic.
  3. These visits should be scheduled with your primary care provider 4-8 weeks prior to international travel.