Statement in Response to the Chauvin Trial Verdict

The recent news of the murder conviction in the death of George Floyd comes after weeks, months, and years of intense, accumulated pain and trauma experienced by communities of color. This conviction and moment of justice does not erase the underlying, systemic causes of racism and violence that impact these communities. This conviction also does not relieve the emotional pain and trauma experienced by the Floyd family and all communities regardless of color. However, it can be a moment of reflection and allow us to contemplate how we can make changes to improve the lives of our children, families and communities.

Pediatrics Northwest was founded on the principles of community, inclusiveness, and serving all children and families regardless of ethnic, cultural, religious, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. We continue to stand in solidarity with our staff, patients, families, and community to advocate for change through peaceful protests, advocacy, and active participation in local, state, and national political systems.

We are hopeful that this event will foster another chance for change and an end to the systemic racism and inequity that exists in many sectors of our society, and that we will find ways to come together as a community and nation and emerge stronger than ever to improve the lives of all children and the communities they live in.

Pediatrics Northwest continues to be committed to the physical and mental health of your child and family. Please reach out to your child’s pediatrician if we can be of any assistance in helping your child and family navigate these difficult times.

– Your Pediatrics Northwest Family

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